When you enter the voting booth, you may see a notice bearing down on you which says: "PLEASE DO NOT MARK ANYTHING ELSE ON YOUR BALLOT PAPER: IT MAY NOT BE COUNTED."

spoil your ballot - DON'T PANIC. You can spoil your paper in ANY way you like and it WILL be counted. > More

What why when

At the 2015 General election (7th May: Thursday!) we want all those people who think their votes don't count to get out and spoil their votes. We can make a difference, spoilt votes are count and are an excellent angry statement straight back to Cameron, Clegg and the other Labour fool.

A mass movement...

A mass movement of spoiled votes will broadcast a new message: the choices on offer are just not good enough. We demand something better - a different way of doing things. Your spoiled vote will be counted, by law, along with the votes for candidates.

What can you do?

Do it yourself - spoil your ballot by writing "spoilt for choice” across your ballot paper (see advice on spoilt ballot papers.) or "none of the above". Anything other than follow the instructions. Email, tweet this site! Join the revolution. More